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About Us

Business Aircraft Consumables

About BAC

BAC is a distributor of quality consumables that include abrasives, adhesives, brushes, bulbs, chemicals, electrical items, grease, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, oil, paint, penetrants, sealants, safety products, shop supplies and tape. Items offered were chosen after interviewing maintenance directors, parts managers and technicians from over 100 corporate flight departments, charter operators and FBO's and service centers who maintain business aircraft.


Help you consolidate your purchasing to reduce trips to the hardware store, phone calls tracking down special items, multiple freight charges, hazardous fees and paperwork.

Provide shop supplies that are hard to find and package them in quantities that match your usage.

Make it easy for you to set up an account.

Make it easier to find, verify and cross reference Mil-Spec items.

Source hard to find items.

Providing quality consumables from one source makes your job easier by saving you time that can be spent on more important tasks.

"We hope you like our products!"

-Jim Erion, President